What is E-Discovery?

Henseler Forensics specializes in E-Discovery: the identification, collection, filtering, review, analysis and production of electronic information in the course of an investigation. This may be an internal fraud investigation or any other investigation, for instance from an external regulator or due to a pre-trial discovery request. Henseler Forensics takes E-Discovery beyond email and office documents into the discovery of relevant information in other business records, e.g. financial and personnel records in company databases.

Your organisation and E-Discovery

With the increasing digitization of work processes and communication and further pushed by stronger regulatory compliance, any company will have to deal with E-Discovery, either now or in the near future. Henseler Forensics can help you assess what the implications are for your organisation and for projects that you are conducting with your customers.

Reliable and effective

A successful E-Discovery project requires good preparation, experienced project management and the use of best practices. Henseler Forensics has more than 20 years experience in the areas of intelligent data analysis, computer forensics, E-Discovery software, financial data analysis and management of national and cross-border E-Discovery projects.