Henseler Forensics is an independent consultant that advises on the right approach for E-Discovery in your organisation. Either to help you prepare for an E-Discovery project in the future or to assist you or your legal counsel with E-Discovery project management. Do you know which information in your company should be considered relevant for E-Discovery, where this information is located and how it can be collected effectively? This is the first hurdle that needs to be taken in an E-Discovery project. A hurdle that may prove very expensive when important information is ignored or alternatives are not considered.

Project management

E-Discovery projects typically run in a multi-disciplinary enviroment where internal audit, compliance, legal counsel, the IT department and external parties have to work together under great time pressure. Experienced program mamangement is essential to get things done on time and within budget.

Data analysis and visualisation

Intelligent analysis of large data sets is key to succesful and affordable E-Discovery. Advanced techniques can be used to discover new patterns and relations that will speed-up your investigation. There is no single solution for this type of analysis and each investigations may need a new approach. Experience with the right tools and knowledge of the underlying principles is required to do this successfully.


Organisations, both government and business, may decide to develop an in-house E-Discovery capability. Some, e.g. lawfirms and accountants, may even develop an E-Discovery service or project management skills to assist their clients to investigate and resolve compliance issues. Henseler Forensics can help you put together a tailored training program to ensure that your E-Discovery specialists are familiar with E-Discovery procedures and tools.